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3rd Annual Holiday Toy List

Together, members of our team have worked to compile a fun list of ideas to support sensory processing, language, strength, coordination and social interaction.  Hope that you enjoy some of the items as much as we have!  Merry Christmas!  From Family First Speech Therapy and Kids Connect Occupational Therapy


2016 Holiday Toy List

From Family First Speech and Kids Connect Occupational Therapy

 1).  The Musical Hop Skipper is a great toy for kids to work on gross motor skills, balance, sequencing and timing of movements, rhythm, and motor planning.  You can have kids play together so that they can work on their timing, interaction and communication.

2).  Find it Games  You can spin, twist and shake hidden objects in colored pellets to find hidden pieces.  It enhances visual scanning, search and find skills, and auditory processing and language (because the cards will say what to look for or give clues of what to look for). It is good for teamwork and turn-taking also and adults enjoy joining in and playing so it becomes a family game

3).  Guess who– Family board game targeting descriptive clues asking and answering questions.  Great for peer groups and play dates.

4).  Critter clinic toy vet play set– Colorful box with keys and animal.  Kids are highly motivated as they work on following directions, matching colors, fine motor tasks, problem solving, and pretend play.

5).  Puzzles with sound– These are great for learning vocabulary, verbalizing sounds, matching, fine motor skills.

6).  Reusable sticker scenes– Melissa and Doug makes fun and reusable sticker themes including vehicles, animals, princess castle, play house, school and dinosaurs.  Kids can work on sequencing, vocabulary, spatial concepts, categories, and following directions such as “Put the cat in the kitchen.”

7).  Scatterpillar Scramble for encouraging fine motor coordination, visual motor skills, and turn-taking skills. It can easily be graded up or down to meet a child’s individual needs.

8).   Melissa & Doug basic skills and latch board bundle.  These boards are great for improving and developing independence, fine motor, gross motor, imaginative play, and learning.  Discuss and learn about colors, shapes, and numbers.

9).  Riverstones colorful stepping stones  You can get a set of 6 for less than $50.  We use these all the time at the clinic as they are versatile and are great for working on balance and overall motor planning skills.  Kids also love to use then for pretend play, sequencing and language as they use them to cross a river or quick sand.

10).  Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set  This would be a great stocking stuffer as it strengthens hand muscles and coordination needed for writing.

11).  The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game  Kids love everything Dr. Seuss!  The game is a favorite with 33 activity cards, it can be played by 2-4 players.

12).  Activity carpets or play mats:  There are a number of rugs and mats that include scenes such as railroad tracks, construction zones, town center and speedway tracks that can be easily stored and rolled out for pretend play.  Grab a few cars and a mat to work on linking ideas and steps.

13).  Lycra piece used to make a tunnel or a swing.  You can easily purchase a piece of lycra from a craft store into a square shape and use it to swing small children, use it to hide or make a tunnel.

14).  Chewelry and Chewbeads– There are a lot of fun and inviting new ways to provide oral-motor stimulation on-the-go, and it looks just like typical jewelry that a child might wear.

15).  Ice Cream Stacking Building Tower Game:  This is a new favorite game at the clinic.  We have learned that in addition to fine motor and coordination, this game is GREAT for language, increased vocabulary, sequencing, and pretend play.  There are all different colors and flavors to choose from.