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Check out New Services!

 SURPRISE!  Did you know that our clinic can also support breastfeeding for new moms through Certified Lactation Counseling and motor, communication and social development through fun classes?  Find out more about our vision and new services below and be on the lookout for updates about our new facility! 

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New Website and New Names

There are 15 more days until New Years and Family First Speech and Kids Connect OT are officially SPACE Therapy & Gym!  We are working on our new website and cannot wait to open this Spring! Check out our new landing page to get a glimpse of what we will offer for all children and […]

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It’s Demo Day!

After lots of hard work and planning,  the Family First and Kids Connect “Crew” participated in the much anticipated DEMO DAY for SPACE Therapy & Gym.  Merge Architects has designed an unbelieveble place for us and now Modern Icon will construct it into reality! Check out our video of the first few swings we took […]

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Happy Halloween Safety Tips

1. Select a costume that makes your child easily visible in the dark to improve Halloween safety. Putting glow lights or reflective materials may help to identify your child more easily in the dark. Take a flashlight with you to help you see in the dark. 2. Identify your child in case of an emergency. […]

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4th Annual Holiday Toy Guide 2017

Tis the season, gift-giving is upon us! The following are great gift ideas for children that support language, auditory processing, motor planning, ideation, sensory system, coordination and so much more.   Play is an essential part of learning. As children play they are developing the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills they will need to take them […]

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Help for Harvey Activity Backpacks

Friends and Families We are proud to be a part of the great state of Texas! The Houston community has come together to support one another in this time of recovery and rebuilding from the events of Hurricane Harvey. We are reaching out to families with special needs children who would benefit from an Activity […]

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Sensory Support and Activities Backpacks: Donations needed after Hurricane Harvey


Sensory Support and Activities Backpacks So many families have been displaced and affected by Hurricane Harvey. Within the shelters, there are also many families of children with special needs. These families are without many necessary supports to help their children stay regulated, calm and occupied in shelters due to the large numbers, loud noises, and […]

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