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Holiday Social Groups: WINTER BUDDIES (4-6 yrs) and WINTER MIXERS (6-12 yrs)

IMG_5083     Family First Speech Therapy is starting two social groups in the month of December.  The two groups will be divided roughly by age and social/language development.  The Winter Buddy Bears group (4-6 years old) and The Winter Mixers group (6-12 years)  are scheduled to start on Monday, December 5th and end on Friday, December 23rd.

Winter Buddy Builders:  Monday and Friday from 9-11 am

Winter Mixers:  Monday and Friday from 4-6 pm.

Winter Buddy Bears and Winter Mixers are social groups targeting speech, language and communication for children with social pragmatic challenges. They will focus  on the core features of social development, play skills, communication, cognitive development, motor development (fine and gross) and sensory integration.  Both groups will provide the structure appropriate for the age group to enhance predictability and engagement and it will give your child the opportunity to have positive social interactions and play with peers.

Our groups will utilize materials from the Social Thinkingâ Curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner to teach, model, and reinforce positive social interactions.

Please call our office for more information regarding the cost.  Insurance will not be billed or utilized for the group.  Homework will be provided after each session.  Sessions will be limited to 3-5 per group.

WINTER BUDDY BUILDERS will be led by Molly Rhoads, M.A., CCC-SLP. She is an experienced licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with extensive training in providing social skills therapy.  For more information please contact us at: (713) 522-8880 or