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Pediatric Therapy & Telehealth (Online Therapy)

With school being out for an extended period of time, children will need more structure and organized activities now more than ever.  As parents, you may be wondering about your child’s pediatric therapy sessions and whether or not you should still attend, or wait it out at home.

The good news is that SPACE Therapy & Gym (Family First Speech and Kids Connect OT) is moving all of our current clients (as well as welcoming new clients!) via telehealth, or online therapy, for speech and occupational therapy.

Is Online Therapy for Pediatric Therapy Effective?

We love welcoming children into our offices and we believe that person to person touches make a big difference in creating trust and effectiveness of any pediatric therapy model. 

However, there are times that a child can not come into the office and therapy must be conducted through an online conferencing solution. Is online therapy less effective than traditional pediatric therapy? 

The results are clear – done properly, telepractice is a very effective delivery research method for both speech and occupational therapy. (click the link for research results)

So the good news is that during these already stressful times you don’t have to worry about your kids missing or falling behind on their therapy goals because we can bring the office to you, through your computer!

Benefits of Telehealth (Online Therapy) with SPACE

Our telepractice options will provide a new, exciting opportunity for us to:

  1. Provide services in the safety and comfort of your home
  2. Provide home program ideas using your toys and equipment
  3. Increase opportunities for generalization in different environments
  4. Increase caregiver training to promote carryover with therapeutic strategies in the home
  5. Provide some stability of schedule while your child is home from school
  6. Provide guidance and assistance with on-line school assignments/learning curriculum 

What about ABA?

SPACE will plan to provide in-home ABA sessions provided by behavior technicians and supported by Amy Dillree, BCBA, PhD. 

Looking for stuff to do with your kids at home?

In his blog, Speech pathologist  Spencer Magloff shares some helpful links that can give you fun and easy ways to help implement speech therapy into your everyday home routine!

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)While ASHA is mainly known as the professional accreditation for speech-language pathologists, they also provide a series of tips and activities parents can use with their child at home to expand language comprehension.

Home Speech HomeThis article offers twenty 5-minute speech therapy exercises you can do at home. These fun, skill-building games can be practiced nearly anywhere, require minimal prep time, and will help you frequently work with your child throughout the day.

Mommy Speech TherapyThis is another wonderful resource for parents to learn at-home speech therapy exercises.  

Expressable Video Series:We’ve created an YouTube series with a range of videos that teach parents common techniques to improve their child’s language development. Here’s one example below called natural language modeling. This involves finding opportunities throughout the day to teach your child proper pronunciation by mimicking good speech patterns.

If you are looking for more ways to incorporate speech or OT into your daily routine while your kids are out of school, talk to us during your next appointment. 

Not a client of SPACE (Family First Speech and Kids Connect OT)? Schedule your first appointment here and remember, just because you can’t leave the house, doesn’t mean your kids have to fall behind!

Supporting our community with quality speech therapy, occupational therapy, DIR/Floortime and ABA services remains a top priority at SPACE Therapy & Gym.  Schedule an appointment via phone call  between 9am-1 pm or  via email also at If it is outside of office hours please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible!