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SECRET Last Minute Gift Ideas to Promote Speech and Motor Work

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas (2014)

For Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Just for Fun

If you are looking for some last minute gift ideas, look no further!  Our team of speech therapists and occupational therapists have compiled a list of our favorites for the year 2014.  These toys are engaging, active, language rich, and will get the whole family involved.

  1.  Stomp Rocket:

  1. Grip Ball

  1. Poppa’s Pizza

  1. Hullabaloo

  1. Zingo

  1. Guess Who Game

  1. Charades for Kids

  1. Honey Bee Tree

  1. Ned’s Head

10.  Simon

11.  Bowling game

12.  Pop the Pig

13.  Foam Blocks

14.  Parachute

15.  Magic Moves Talking Wand