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Oral Motor and Feeding Therapy


Our skilled speech and language pathologists are trained in a number of oral motor/feeding methods and use oral-motor therapy exercises to develop awareness, strength, coordination and mobility of the oral muscles for feeding and speech.

  • Talk Tools ®- A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy
  • Talk Tools ®- Solving the Puzzle of Autism – Using Tactile Therapy Techniques
  • Talk Tools ®- Feeding Therapy – A Sensory Motor Approach
  • SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding
  • Interactive Oral Sensory Motor in Autism
  • Pediatric Feeding Assessment and Treatment
  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention
  • Pediatric Feeding: The Big Picture
  • Food Chaining

In addition, each therapist has extensive experience with sensory integration disorders. We actively collaborate with occupational and physical therapists in order to gain better understanding of each child’s specific needs. Creating a tailored program allows the clinicians to gain trust and rapport with each child.

Services Include:

  • Oral motor Assessment
  • Feeding Assessment
  • Oral Motor Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy

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