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Speech Therapy

Services-3Our highly trained speech pathologists provide exceptional treatment for children with receptive/expressive delays, articulation disorders, fluency disorders, voice disorders , social pragmatic challenges or those with a diagnosis such as autism. We believe in supporting all modes of communication including the use of gestures, ASL signs, words/sentences and augmentative communication in order to build effective communicators.

In addition to extensive training in DIR®/Floortime™, we are trained in many therapeutic models including Hanen, ABLC, PECS, and PROMPT and offer:

  • Speech and Language Assessments
  • Speech and Language Assessments with Augmentative Communication
  • School Screenings
  • Individual Sessions
  • Dyad or social group sessions
  • Consultations/Observations with the  school professional
  • Home based consultations

If you are concerned about your child’s speech, their ability to connect with others, or if they display:

  1. Inconsistent and or reduced eye contact
  2. Reduced or lack of development of behaviors such as giving and showing gestures
  3. Lack of development of a declarative pointing gesture
  4. Lack of or reduced facial and vocal imitation as well as nonverbal imitation
  5. Absence of early social play routines (ex: peek a boo)
  6. Difficulty initiating, maintaining and joining in peer group play
  7. Limited or absence of imaginative play
  8. Difficulty with language processing and comprehension such as processing and remembering auditory information and following directions
  9. Slow acquisition of new vocabulary and putting words together
  10. Difficulty with language production such as problems labeling and remembering the names of objects, people and pictures
  11. Difficulty formulating thoughts and ideas and expressing them fluently and concisely
  12. Difficulty producing certain speech sounds and producing clear speech
  13. Difficulty managing saliva and feeding

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